Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Post, Finally!

Hello All,
As I fire up this dagged nab machine again to write a second “Hello All” to you, the first one is floating in cyber space. For some odd reason, when I closed my document it CLOSED for good. And I’d spent a good hour agonizing over what to say, trying to carefully choose my words so as not to affront anyone, because as we all know, the tongue-in-cheek intent doesn’t always translate in the written form. Totally at a loss for the lost document, my husband tried to retrieve it from the cyber gods. Unsuccessfully, I might add, although kudos for trying. We decided that it was time for bed. As I tried to sleep, my mind kept coming back to the lost doc., stewing that the computer had won this round. Not to be defeated, no not me, I decided at 12:35 a.m. that enough was enough. So…
Mark and I were so lucky to have bought Lucy’s. For some fortuitous cosmic reason, Laura was ready to sell and we were ready to buy. Let me clarify that. I was ready to buy. My stable accountant husband wasn’t as sure as I, but being the kind man he is, he couldn’t say no. I’m as persistent as a dachshund with a t-bone. Chew, chew, chew.
Laura had been in the book business for thirteen years. I had been a high school art teacher for thirteen years. Coincidence? I think not. Actually, I’m not sure, but I’ve always wanted to say that. Like when I was a kid and asked “Are we there yet?” Mom and Dad would say in that humming tone “Almost.” And then when we had children I got to give the exact same humming response to them! Back to the not coincidence. It all worked out, for both Laura and us, and here we are, living in my dream town, beautiful Astoria, with my other dream. Owing a book store.
I have been greeted by some wonderful members of the community so far. They’ve been so welcoming. And I have been asked why I wanted to DO this, or have I had ANY experience in owning a book store before. Mark would answer the first question: to make money. And he’d love to answer the second question: yes, and we made money. I, on the other hand, haven’t had any experience in owing a book store other than I love to read. I love books, love the relationship created with each new book I read, love physically turning the pages, and I love the feel of paper. More than a few customers have asked me if I’ve read this book or that. Imagine my chagrin when I have to say no. But there are so many books out there and many genres to choose from that most of the time we may not have read the same thing. I take the challenge that keeping up with the needs of the readers will be enough for now. They are the important ones.
Having the magnificent Brie Mathews, a long time friend and employee of Laura’s, is such a boon. She has an eye for what our readers love. With her help, I hope to stock the titles loved by the community. I will add my quirkiness to the mixture, no doubt about that.
Do forgive me if I don’t recognize a local artist’s name or a local author. I have only been local for a week and a half. I will get on it, at it, with it and any other its I need to get with to familiarize myself with the who’s who-er and outwards.
With Laura leaving, I have some pretty big boots to fill. If there was a way to fill them and keep everyone happy, I’d certainly do it. But I know that Laura’s take on things are hers and you wouldn’t want a faitour. Plus, in everything evolving and changing like the world commands, we know that nothing stays the same. Oh, I forgot, death and taxes do. Being neither, I’ll wear my colorful boots around the store. We’ll see what happens, eh?
I look forward to hearing from you,
Here are a few books that got my attention this summer:
Anything Terry Prachett. An amazing writer whose dry sense of humor tickles my funny bone.
For the more serious reader:The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson: A heavy read but poignant.
Non- fiction
For fun: Amy Stewart’s Wicked Plants and Wicked Bugs. These light reads kept me engaged and itching. For the light organic gardener,
From the Ground Up and Flowers Confidential .
The Imperial Cruise by James Bradley is an interesting look at Teddy Roosevelt’s quest for Americanization. For me, the take on our own history and how it has been spooned to us as children is a reminder that we really need to write more truth in such histories, raw and hurtful as it might be.

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