Friday, February 13, 2009

A Lovely Afternoon

Last weekend we had a lovely afternoon with author Molly Gloss, her second visit to Lucy's. She is such a wonderful reader, speaker, and I could listen to her answer questions for a long, long time. See the sidebar for upcoming author visits.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a little history...

Lucy’s Books is a locally owned and operated independent bookstore in downtown Astoria Oregon. Owner Laura Snyder opened the store (with the help of her infant son Tim, daughter Ani, and husband Jon and his parents), in August of 1998, a bad time, some say, to open a small, independent bookstore. Bucking the national trend toward big box business, Lower Columbia residents from both sides of the river have spoken here with their voices and dollars of their commitment to vibrant communities.

Lucy’s Books is committed to the idea of community, through advocacy and events, through bringing people together toward a common purpose. From northwest fiction writers like Tom Spanbauer, to renowned naturalists like Robert Michael Pyle and Californian Freeman House, to acclaimed children’s author Petra Mathers to sex advice columnist Dan Savage, a rich variety of northwest talent has graced our space.

Lucy’s offers 20% off to the public school districts of the region. Lucy’s Books will offer you 20% off any book you buy to donate to our public schools. Lucy’s supports our local children’s museum, our local community radio station, and our Women’s Resource Center through an ongoing library development program. Lucy’s supports our local camps (VOCA) for girls and boys who have survived sexual abuse.

Lucy’s small space holds a rich, lovingly and carefully chosen variety of high caliber fiction, memoir, northwest regional lore, poetry, parenting, health, spirituality, nature and travel, and of course children’s titles. As well, you’ll find the perfect journals, calendars, and cards. Special orders are welcome, and almost any title in or out of print is accessible to you through Lucy’s Books.

Enjoy this web site, let me know what you think, and know that there is no substitute for the experience of holding a book, and having a kindred literary spirit with whom to talk about it. Shopping on line for books, while not as good as the real thing, can still support the independent spirit of local bookstores. Many independent stores have web sites; go there before the book/drug/electronics/toy store next time! You’ll be pleased by what you find.