Friday, August 19, 2011


It’s with many mixed feelings that I tell you that I’m selling Lucy’s Books. It’s taken me a couple of years of waffling to come to the conclusion, finally, that I need change in my life (I guess rearranging the furniture won’t satisfy the urge for change this time around!), something new to do after 13 years at Lucy’s, however wonderful those years have been. The serendipitous timing of this choice, combined with an ad placed in the paper, and an enthusiastic answer to that ad, tells me it’s time to go. I started Lucy’s with a passion for reading, a big dose of ignorance, some luck, and nothing in the way of experience running a business. The passion part helped me to realize 13 years of one of the best livelihoods a person could ever hope to have. The ignorance and general haplessness taught me patience, and to appreciate all of the locals and tourists alike who were patient with me, kind and good humored, while I learned to become a bookseller.
I’m so pleased I’m able to pass the business, in healthy condition, to Patti Breidenbach. Please welcome her and her husband Mark to our lovely community. We will try to make the September 1st change as seamless as possible for our customers and community. Thank you for your years of patronage and support. I will miss you all, and my life as a bookseller, as I take a deep breath and plunge into my next adventure (whatever that may turn out to be). With any luck, it will turn out as well as the last.

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Jan Priddy, Oregon said...

Oh my, I cannot imagine this! You are going.

However, I hear your plea for acceptance of the new owners and I hope they maintain the bookstore as you would have. Welcome welcome! Surely they will bring themselves—their hearts as you brought your own. I am sorry you are leaving. I am grateful the store will not close.