Monday, November 14, 2011

November Already!

Can you believe it? November. How time does fly when you're selling books.
November brings to mind fall leaves, cold crisp days, blue blue skies (not always available in Astoria), cocoa, and (gulp, do I really say this?)Football. Charlie Brown football, I mean. AND November means curling up with a good book.

Some of the books that are piquing my interest (and if I get the time I'd like to read all of these) are: Wingshooters by Nina Revoyr, fiction, which tells of a young American Japanese girl growing up in a small town. Of course more happens to thicken the plot but this is always a subject that is tender, hurtful, and ever present in our society STILL.

The next read, Christmas Exposed, by the outspoken newspaper- The Onion- which provides a tongue in cheek satire about mall shopping, dysfunctional family events, and more. Now, remember here, these are books I haven't read yet so I have to go on what I sneak peek through the pages and from reading the back of the books.

There are two children’s series that are calling my name:
The Secret Series written by Pseudonymous Bosch (the author’s name alone makes me want to read the book); with the first book titled The Name of this Book is Secret . This is a mystery around finding a dead magician's diary and trying to find immortality.

The second series The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is about an ad in the newspaper asking children to take a series of mysterious tests. Only four of the most intelligent and resourceful are chosen to go on a secret mission.

I’d love to hear what you have read and recommend.

As far as the store goes...I'm still climbing that learning curve, and I certainly have made my mistakes and foibles. A very humbling lesson. I will learn from this and grow.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Unknown said...

I went to Kuna high yesterday to see my favorite teacher, I was very sad to hear to that you left. Mrs tookey told me where i could find you. you sound happy and im glad i know working at the high school was having its tolls on you. it sounds like it fits you good there. like tookey said your too creative for high school rules anyways. But i just wanted to say hi and let you know your missed in kuna (:
Love Kayla Sewell