Thursday, January 29, 2009


My son made a nice display while playing hooky on Inauguration Day (see photos). It's very very Tim, and totally different from the stuff I usually put out. I think he even did the work for free!!!

Almost time to get working on the newsletter... I am compiling a huge list of books that are great for young teenagers, mostly adult books that are a great crossover. Ani has read Peace Like a River, for instance, and loved it. Then, I am going to put a call out for the young teen crossover family movie list. This is the hardest age to find movies to watch as a family! I'm game for suggestions.


Kay said...

Hey Laura,
I love Timlandia.

I think that he did an awesome job in putting intriguing books together.


Kay said...

Hi Laura,
For your newsletter's list of "crossover books", I would suggest that you add again, Wesley the Owl by Stacey O'Brien. It is captivating and a quick read.

I also suspect that both books by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson might be good.